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Glexo was founded in 2017 by a network of professionals and organizations from all over the world who share an interest in Exopolitics. The discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence will have a profoundly transformative effect on our global culture, and warrants serious attention. Given the advancements in astronomy and astrobiology, the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence is not a matter of if, but of when. Our own anthropological history contains many examples of how devastating the effects of a first contact between unequally developed societies may become. Therefore, it is time to start preparing for such a scenario now. Read more about our Mission Statement and our goals.

Glexo also is the home of the New Frontier Network Podcasts.

We also have several other projects in the works. You can read more on those, here.

We also plan to release position statements on a regular basis. You can find an overview here.

NFN Episode 3 Richard Dolan

Episode 3 of the NFN podcasts is out: In this episode, the New Frontier Network panel speaks with Richard M. Dolan – one of the world’s leading researchers, historians and authors on the matter of UFOs. Among his many other books – Richard’s two volumes – UFOs and the National Security State (Vol. l and Vol. ll ) – are considered unrivalled classics on the historical development of UFOs. He has appeared on countless episodes of the popular series ANCIENT ALIENS and was a star witness at the 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington DC. Richard’s gifted perspectives reveal the depth of his vast knowledge and insights into one of the planet’s most perplexing phenomenon.

NFN Episode 2 Luis Elizondo

The New Frontier Network and its global correspondents premiere an exclusive hour-long interview with Mr. Luis Elizondo. Mr. Elizondo headed AATIP – the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program at the Pentagon. This was an initiative secured and promoted by US Senator Harry Reid of Nevada. It studied anomalous craft of unknown origin. This interview highlights personal and factual insights that will both inform and enlighten. Yours to discover – here, on the New Frontier Network.


New Frontier Network Launch

NFN - New Frontier Network Logo

Group of international researchers and activists launch video podcast called The New Frontier Network (NFN)
Guests range from former Intelligence Officer of the US Pentagon AATIP Investigation Program – Luis Elizondo, Historian – Richard M. Dolan, Researcher – Kathleen Marden and many more. 
Click here to watch the new NFN teaser. New episodes released monthly

Toronto, Ont. (December. 16, 2020) – Correspondents from five countries (Canada, Peru, Portugal, South Africa and USA) have joined forces to present a new and innovative monthly video podcast called The New Frontier Network. This podcast is a project from the Global  Exopolitics Organization (glexo.org) devoted to exploring the new frontiers of Phenomenology, Ufology and Exopolitics.

The first interview will be with activist Steve Bassett, Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group. He gives his assessment on the current state of affairs regarding the political implications of the ET presence on planet Earth. The podcast will be available from December 17 on YouTube only.

The NFN team consists of:

  • Chrissy Newton, Canada
  • Christopher Iversen, U.S.A.
  • Francisco Mourão Corrêa, Portugal
  • Giorgio Piacenza, Peru
  • Manuel Lamiroy,  South Africa
  • Victor Viggiani, Canada

Monthly guests scheduled to appear on NFN will be drawn from a wide range of backgrounds; international research experts, authors, journalists, political activists, and former government officials. The video podcast will feature two co-hosts, Christopher Iversen and Victor Viggiani to anchor the show, alongside a group of correspondents in a roundtable news format.

For more information or media inquiries please contact: 
Chrissy Newton, VOCAB Communications, chrissy@vocabcommunications.com  – 416.705.9523 or Victor Viggiani, ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork, zland@sympatico.ca. 416.801.8056