Position Statement on UFOs and an ET Presence


The purpose of this position paper is to clarify the fundamental issues in what is generally described as the UFO/ET matter. In addition to the fundamental issues central to this narrative – four related considerations will also be presented.

 Neither the fundamental premises, nor the related considerations suggested below should be interpreted as immutable; rather these basic notions are intended to clarify for the general public, journalists, government officials, the mainstream media as well as the global UFO/ET research community what Glexo believes are the essential components of a highly intricate and misunderstood phenomenon.

A Preliminary Perspective

As most within the global UFO/ET research community will agree, this matter is a complex one – fraught with an awkward blend of speculation, personal opinions, political perspectives, historical events, proof, evidence, secrecy, disinformation, documents, testimony as well as a large component of what can only be described as unsubstantiated nonsense.

The vast array of issues that compose the UFO/ET matter range from elements of anomalous sightings of craft of unknown origin – commonly referred to as unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or unexplained aerial phenomenon (UAP). The array and global nature of these anomalous events appears to indicate that we are being visited and engaged by highly advanced intelligences.

These global events include but are not limited to questions relating to what these craft are, who or what entities pilot them, from where they may originate, what their agenda might be, why some of these of unknown intelligences have decided to take humans for purposes unknown, questions around exotic energy and propulsion systems, and exoconsciousness. For the purposes of this particular discussion we reserve comment and judgment on these matters.

After decades of thorough research, many global researchers and activists consider the basic issues listed below as ‘self-evident’. Yet within the uninformed general public and the media these matters are considered marginal if not bordering on the ridiculous. At some point this dichotomy must be resolved in order to adequately acknowledge this issue as meaningful and ostensibly crucial to humanity.

Irrespective of the controversy surrounding this issue both among researchers and within the general public – the fact remains the UFO/ET global research community is ultimately left with the ominous challenge of making sense of this matter; then, transmitting this sense of reality to the general public, the court of public opinion, mainstream science, academia and the media. Developing a cultural adherence to this phenomenon remains a formidable challenge.

This work – our mission to expose and acknowledge this world-view to the outside world – can only be done as a coalition of purpose and consensus. This consensus must not be based on individual perspectives but upon what exists as strongly vetted evidence.

We hope to address these questions in a critical manner by attempting to demonstrate that the factual nature of what we all know to be true, by its very essence – must be the corner stone of our collective attempts to make sense of this issue for the general public, the court of public opinion, academia, mainstream science and the media. They – not we – will be the ultimate arbiters of how this matter is acknowledged and becomes part of the human lexicon of ideas and eventually some form of disclosure. However this matter unfolds may very well determine the destiny of the human family. Such a challenge cannot and must not be ignored or taken lightly.

We also realize this attempt to present this world-view to the outside world may be met with resistance, disagreement or even outright volatility among the so-called ‘insiders’ or those who feel they possess the answers. This will not deter us from our goal: to provide the general public, the court of public opinion, science, academics and the media with a foundational and hopefully unbiased assessment of what most researchers, activists and citizen scientists know – we are being engaged by highly advanced intelligences.

Fundamental Premises

  1. Humanity has been and is being visited/engaged by highly advanced non-human intelligences. This implies we are not alone in the cosmos.
  2. The craft, vehicles or representational entities in which these unknown intelligences manifest and present themselves appear to be real, tangible and are being witnessed by a large and growing number of citizens, pilots, astronauts, police as well as the military and its radar systems throughout the globe.
  3. A very large number of humans report anomalous experiences or non-conventional contact with some of these unknown intelligences.
  4. Testimony by credible witnesses reveals that the US has recovered off-world technology and is experimenting with it.
  5. What – if anything – can the global UFO/ET research community do to bring the components of this reality to the attention of a human family that is staggered by unheralded environmental, political, economic, cultural, governance and sociological dysfunctionality and chaos on a massive scale – one that is unprecedented in human history?

Further Considerations

The considerations listed below are included as examples concurrent with the four fundamental premises listed above. Each of these considerations represents a discrete event, sources of testimony or documentation. These items demonstrate that the US Pentagon, at least one major media outlet, several international countries as well as officials from the military and aerospace industry have independently and systematically addressed this issue publicly. The list is by no means exhaustive.

  • It is clear that within the last several years there appears to be a misunderstood form of government acknowledgement of this issue. Case in point – the New York Times coverage of the US Pentagon $22 million Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). This program operated between 2007 and 2012 and is reported to have been funded by the US Pentagon. This event indicates two highly striking facts: a) The publishers and editors of one of America’s most influential newspapers have seen fit to report on this matter, and, b) The US Pentagon has, on one hand, implicitly or explicitly sanctioned the release of this news and, on the other hand – not denied it. The dramatic emergence and confluence of these events involving a major US media outlet and the US Pentagon – for whatever reasons, bias or purposes – cannot be summarily dismissed.
  • The release or exposure of huge databases by the UK, France, Canada and other South American governments and military entities of documents, files and reports about UFOs and their possible unknown origins.
  • Statements by former military officers, astronauts, pilots, police and NORAD officials concerning craft of unknown origin. None of these reports or databases can be summarily dismissed.
  • Despite and in deference to the factual aspects of the UFO phenomenon – there appears to be an esoteric but nonetheless well-documented mode of ethical reasoning emerging from contactees that suggests humanity – with respect to contact or engagement with other civilizations – may in fact be on the threshold of the next step in our evolution as a species. This evolution – as suggested by contactees – may in fact ameliorate or halt our extinction behaviours – allowing humanity to embrace a cosmic relationship with other civilizations, alter the systemic dysfunctions of fossil fuels, end the cyclical war economy, end disease, famine and poverty and potentially allow us to become a space faring civilization.

Summative Statement

Although the full spectrum of dominant modern world-views does not yet allow for or include the moral, ethical and practical modes of reasoning necessary for a global recognition of the UFO/ET reality, a global adherence to this reality will soon occur as the influence of our research community evolves – as did science when it acknowledged our planet was not the centre of the universe. As the fundamentals of this phenomenon become likewise self-evident to the entire human family, the social order and humanity itself will be altered. Forever.